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Mrs. Berry's Peacock

Dear Reader,

I think that you should read this post because it is written by me, Limelight Larry.  I just happen to be in the neighborhood when Mrs. Berry’s classes were making peacocks.  I had to drop off my book (Limelight Larry).  Of course, it’s the greatest book.  It was written by me.  I guess; I might have had a little help from Leigh Hodgkinson.  Well, Mrs. Berry read my story and the K-3 classes met my cousin Pete.  He’s a peacock too.  The students told him all about patterns and the peacocks they were making.  Some of the students made acrostic poems for their artwork and others made title cards.  I told Mrs. Berry that she should hang their peacocks at the Alice and Jack Wirt Library because they were so stunning.  They are hanging up at the library for the month of January. Did you know she even made one?  She was working on her painting when I gave her a few pointers.  There are short clips that I put together for you to see.  Well, maybe Mrs. Berry did put them together; but I did help.  I hope you enjoy them.

Always in the spotlight,

Limelight Larry

P.S.  I know it’s important to share, so I’ll let you know about other posts by Mrs. Berry


How to Bling out a Peacock Lesson Plan

Have you ever what goes into an art lesson? Well, let me tell you. First there is the gizmo, a few do-dads, sparkles of color, some of this, and a whole lot of that. Oh, and don’t forget the whatchamacallits. Of course, there is the fun factor.

What don’t believe me? Well, I suppose, I might have exaggerated the bit about do-dads. You really only need two. Just in case you need further prof of what I say is true, explore one of my Prezi lessons for the up and coming projects on Peacocks with Pattern and Bling.

Mrs. Berry's Peacock with Bling II

Inside my Prezi Lesson you will find:

  • Teacher Examples
  • Videos to use
  • Non-Fiction books about peacocks
  • Step by step instructions
  • Common Core Standards
  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  • Math
  • Michigan Benchmarks
  • Science
  • Art
  • Grading Scale based on benchmarks
  • Artwork examples that have pattern

I was inspired by this blog post called Peacocks With Shimmer and Bling from Phyl. I changed the lesson a bit to match what supplies I have in my classroom.

Something extra that I have in my classroom are actual peacock feathers for the students to touch and feel. Please enjoy these two videos that I created.


Mrs. Berry

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