Little Bird Tracks

A picture that I took of a bird watching me.

These are the blogs that I looked at and these are the little bird tracks that they had and what I liked about them.

Tabitha’s sidebars have a little bit of information about herself, a word map for visitors, most popular posts for the month, blogs that she follows, and a blog archive. I like how Tabitha has a little bit about herself right on the front page with an avatar. I am following her blog because she is an art teacher and her name is the same as my daughters. It is because of her side bar I found this out and follow her blog.

Britt’s Technoscience bird tracks are really nifty. She has a world map, a picture of herself, where you can find her, what she is tweeting, her 365 photos and projects, her blog roll, science resources, science teachers, web 2.0 resources, blogging about, what you say, search, log in, and subscribe. Wow it’s a lot! But, as a teacher I like having the list down the side so it’s easy to find. I also like how there are resources. As a teacher it’s an easy way to find things, almost like a book mark. I get my best ideas from others.

Miss T’s bird tracks are on both sides, on the left she has her information, a voki (really cool!) live traffic feed, visitors, and links. On the right side she has teacher challenge blogs, blog roll, blog archive, labels. I really like how Miss. T has the link for the teachers in the blog challenge. I feel pretty nifty to be on her list.

Lydia Schultz’s bird tracks include a little bit about herself (she’s from Minnesota so of course I added her), a way to search her blog, twitter updates, poll, tags, recent posts, voki, visitors, and blog archive. I really like the poll on the side bar because then visitors don’t need to search your blog for the latest poll. What a great idea!

Stacy’s bird tracks include, categories, archives, SRR feed button, blog award badges, followers. I like Stacy’s categories and how they link to a spot where you can get the information that you want.

After looking at other’s bird tracks, I thought about mine. And came to the conclusion my bird tracks need a bit of cleaning to do. So I have changed a few things. I added a picture of my avatar, I added my Prezi lesson plans links, follow the leader for RSS feeds, and email subscriptions. I still would like to put a picture of myself with my information. I haven’t figured that part out yet.

This activity could also be done with students. Before students go forth and look at other blogs sidebars, they should make a list of things that they think make a good side bar. Have students make this in a graph format or excel and have a spot to mark yes or no. After making their graph they then would look at 5-10 blogs and check off if the blog has what they considered a good side bar. Next have students write about their findings. Ask the students:

  • What did you discover about side bars in blogs?
  • What changes would you make to your list of good items to have on a side bar?
  • What changes are you going to make to your blog’s side bar?

Enjoy my little bird tracks.

-Mrs. Berry

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