Peacocks in Progress

Student Working on a Pattern Peacock

A new lesson that I had tried this year was creating Peacocks.  Click here for the lesson plan on Pattern Peacocks with Bling.  This lesson has been very successful and great to keep students on task just before the holiday break.  I actually was able to teach up until the last minutes of the day before break and keep students interested. Students have loved drawing these in class.  Several of my students have been also drawing them outside of the art class because they love them so much.  I just love collaboration and several classroom teachers have created peacock poems to go with paintings.  Three of my classes are done with their birds and they will hang at the local library.

Now, for the last two weeks we have looked at patterns in nature and in artwork from around the world.  We then created pattern in our own drawn out peacocks.  The students were using many skills while they were drawing their creations:

  • Reading visual directions on how to draw a peacock
  • Using spacial awareness
  • Drawing lines and shapes
  • Choosing and using patterns
  • Using fine motor skills

After students drew out their peacocks they then traced over their lines with a sharpie marker.  This is harder than you think.  For any extra lines, students erased extra pencil lines.  After the drawing, students then added wax resist with a crayon.  Next came the watercolor painting.  The students loved painting their peacocks over two to three days.  The last day was to add details with a small brush.

The very last part of the project is to add the bling.  Grades 4-6 are done with this step.  Kindergarten to third grade will add this after the New Year.  No pictures were taken during this step because we were having way to much fun!  Afterwards the art classroom floor and I looked all sparkly.  There was a trail of bling out of the classroom on Wednesday.  Thank you Mrs. Frydrych for donating all the glitter!  The students just loved it!

Pictures of the peacocks will appear on Artsonia after Christmas.  They are gorgeous!  Please enjoy a short video about the peacocks in progress.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Mrs. Berry


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