Bubble Bubbles Are Everywhere To Pop

I tried something new called the bubbl.us. There were some pretty cool features when I was making a brainstorming map that I use with my third grade students.  I’ll get back to that. These are my first impressions.  I could be missing something.

Pros of using the website:

  • It is easy to move the bubbles from one bubble to another
  • The color automatically changes depending on the connection
  • The color of the bubble can be changed
  • The arrows stretch automatically to wherever you drag your bubble
  • You can zoom in and see what you have created

Cons of using the website:

  • It was frustrating at first to pop a bubble I didn’t want (They seem to multiply like rabbits)
  • As a free user you only receive 3 sheets

Despite my frustration level with multiplying bubbles I can see how this could be a useful and fun tool for students to use in the classroom.  I would probably use this with higher level group at first and then partner up students who have had experience with bubbl.us.

Possible Uses in the classroom:

  • Sequencing activity (time line)
  • Brainstorming
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Pros and Cons
  • Generating Questions and Answers
  • Character Analysis
  • Analysis of anything (time, place, plot, ect..)

3rd Grade Brainstorming Activity

For leveled instruction a pre-bubble sheet could be created.  To try out the bubbl.us site, I have created a brainstorming activity for my third grade students. Here is an extreme shorten version of a way that I use this type activity.  After reading the story Tar Beach I have them fill out a brainstorming sheet.  Then they use this as their plan for drawing their pictures and writing their story.  I said it was short.  This type of activity helps my students plan out what they want to draw and write about.

Enjoy trying to create or pop your own bubbles.

-Mrs. Berry

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