Flipping Over Online Flip Books at Do Ink

When you are procrastination and want something fun to do this website is a spot for you.  Remember making flip books as a kid, and it took you forever to get the drawing just the way you want.  Do Ink is where you want to go.  Well, this program lets you copy your drawing and then change only a small part.  This saves you some time, but it’s so fun you will spend hours with the program.  You need to sign up for your own account.  It’s free.  I have listed the up and downsides for using this online program.


  • Your work becomes their property
  • Time consuming!!
  • It takes a bit to get used to the program (watch the tutorials first and save yourself some time)
  • There is a cost if you want to use a premade “prop”
  • If you make an opps with your drawing and publish it, then you can’t go back and fix it (my mouse ear has holes)
  • You need to be 13 years old


  • There is a spot where you can undo what you just did (hint it’s at the top)
  • There is a spot to save
  • It’s a lot of fun and if your drawing is cheesy nobody will notice because the animation part makes it move

Here is my first attempt:

After I watched the tutorials here is my advertisement for my blog.  Yep, several more hours were spent on creating this.  I tell my students never to put a “cheesy” sun in their picture.  A few days ago a student told me that he thought of a way around this.  He told me that you could put holes into it and then it would be a cheesy sun.  So I made my cheesy sun (there are stink lines for the sun rays) and a sleepy mouse for my animation.

Ways that you could use this in the classroom:

  • Students could watch a short cartoon and list all the jobs that would be associated with creating a cartoon
  • Students could write their own stories and create illustrations
  • Students would write out an explanation for their artwork.
  • Students then could be critics and evaluate another’s animation (give guidelines if critiquing classmates)

Enjoy making your own animations!

-Mrs. Berry

P.S.  I skipped a bunch of challenges and went for one that looked like a lot of fun that I could use in the classroom.  It’s from the Teacher Challenges: Free Tools Challenge #6: Exploring DoInk – Vector Images and Flash Animations.

Before and After the Spring Cleaning in the Middle of Winter

I was doing a bit of spring cleaning, rather a bit of winter cleaning and made a few changes to my about page.  I took out a few sentences that didn’t seem to make sense and changed a spelling mistake.  When students are first building their blog they might include everything under the sun, or not enough.  So here are some tip and possible things to include:

Tips for students writing an About Me page

  • Include a sketched picture or avatar of themselves that is G rated
  • Include just enough of information about themselves to keep readers interested
  • Stay away from TMI (Too Much Information)
  • Only use information they want the rest of the world to know
  • Use creativity or write the page in a unique way

Possible things to include in the blog

  • Why they are writing the blog
  • Goals
  • Hobbies
  • Family

As always, if a student is creating a blog for a class, obtain parent permission first and encourage parents or guardians to frequently look at their son or daughter’s blog.

-Mrs. Berry

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