Information Overload

It is the attack of information.  It can be big and scary. I find the following commercial just too funny not to share.  When working with students this could be how they feel when they are looking for relevant information on a project.  Personally, some days I feel like this since my PLN is expanding.  Even though this commercial is for Bing, I am using iGoogle as part of the PLN Challenge #6: iGoogle –A PLE hub for your PLN wheel.

iGoogle reader screenshot

I set up my iGoogle, I am still working out all of the different buttons.  I did find that I could upload my own photo into iGoogle and turn it into a theme.  If anybody wants to use it, it’s called My Flower Collection.  These three paintings are in a series of 4.  I am currently working on the last one.

I like the idea of having a spot where everything is.  That way I am not jumping or typing in the web address every day to see what is going on.  It’s nice an organized.  I just wish my comics could be directly put onto the page. May be in a few months, they will be allowed to be directly sent to iGoogle.  I find that having twitter available on the page is wonderful.  I created a tab just for Twitter.

Now, I just need to get into the habit of checking my iGoogle reader.  Students could use this like their own personal newspaper/magazine.  They could find articles that are relevant to what they like and subscribe to those articles creating a higher interest in reading.

Have a great day!

-Mrs. Berry

30 Day Challenge: Personal Learning Networks

I am starting the 30 Day challenge through Edublogs: Personal Learning Networks.  I know; I’m on a WordPress blog platform.

All the cool stuff I have found has come from the Edubloger website, so I thought I would try another challenge and see how it could fit into the classroom with reading and art.  I am looking for inspiration even if it doesn’t come from a formal professional development day.  The artist Grant Wood said, “My best ideas have always come to me while milking a cow.”  So here I am looking for others and ideas.  The first challenge is to write a post about PLNs.  Ok, so what is that?

For me a PLN is people who are looking to learn something new and network with each other to share their ideas.

I tried this website called VoiceThread for the first time.  I think it’s pretty neat because now you can hear what others actually sound like.  I just love to hear the different ways people sound.  Here is the link for the VoiceThread for this challenge.  I am the giraffe.

Now that you have participated it is time to make your own.  For a tutorial on how to useVoiceThread click here.

VoiceThread Screen Shot

A VoiceThread is useful for teachers because this could be used for students who have missed class due to illness or who are traveling.  I created a video with Animoto on how to create a flower.  I have shared this with students in my classroom.  Afterwards we discussed if there were any comments or questions.  Students who are out of the classroom could also participate by watching the videos and my comments and then add their own. Click here to link to my example that I have made. The lesson is an introduction to looking at a flower and painting it. Please feel free to comment.  I am still playing with the features.

Enjoy making your own VoiceThread!

-Mrs. Berry

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