What’s in a name? That which we call a rose.

What would Shakespeare’s avatar look like if he was around today?  Would he use Romeo, a rose, a pen, or something else?  We create our own avatars to represent who we are.  Some people use photographs of themselves, pictures, or objects to represent their personalities.  For challenge four, I tried creating my own avatar with Picassohead.

The program I tried was from Picassohead.  I even had my students try this program today.  They really liked how easy and fun it was to use.  I am using this as a part of a self-portrait lesson.  The only problem is if you make a mistake (like forget to add your name) you can’t go back. Here is my attempt at using Picassohead: Mrs. Berry by Anonymous.

Berry's Avatar

My avatar is a painting that I created of a giraffe.  I really like this painting. It hangs above the fish tank and every time I look at it I smile. I also like giraffes.  The reason why I prefer to have this as my avatar is to show my personality. Sure, a picture is like a thousand words but they may not be the thousand words that I want to share with everybody else.  As a teacher I am acutely aware that what I post can be shared with the whole world, including my students. I like to keep a professional line with a sense of humor attached; thus the painting of my giraffe.

When students are creating blogs or putting out their ideas having a symbol or avatar to represent who they are (in my humble opinion) is a better or safer approach.  Not only would I have students create their own avatar I currently stick to the no photograph policy with students. When I have my 6th grade students create a pop-art self-portrait I do not post their beautiful artwork online because it is too real to whom they are.  So you will need to take my word for it that their projects are really wonderful.  If you stop by my school, you could see their pictures hanging in the hallway.

RSS Feeds

I really haven’t in the past used a feed to read blogs, articles, or news.  My attention span allows me to jump from site to site to site and site again with no problems.

-Mrs. Berry

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