Scene It?

I am definitely an image person; especially, when it comes to TV shows or movies.  If I have seen the movie, I can tell you what it is usually in less than five seconds from any point in the movie.  I can remember movies, but can’t seem to find where I put my car keys the night before.  Go figure.  I am an image person, not a place person.

When working with students something to keep in mind is that students may or may not know what a particular symbol or image means.  This being said, it can also go the other way.  New image vocabulary was added to my dictionary when I worked with alternative high school students.  Students need to understand what images they are using and why those images are important to their blog or story.

Things for students ask themselves when adding an image to their blog:

  • Does this image help or distract from my message?
  • Does my image match what I am saying?
  • What movie rating would my image receive?
  • Will people associate this image with me, if I post this?
  • What does this image say or mean?
  • Did I give credit where it is due?

I wrote on what is visual literacy and why it is important a few posts ago.    I also have an art/writing lesson that discusses this topic.  It’s the print media lesson  If you would like to read more on the subject please click on the links.

One of my favorite spots in my hometown.

I have included a slide show of my hometown as part of the challenge.  I tried the animoto slide and was totally geeked by this program.  I am half tempted to purchase the upgraded subscription for this website.  I’m pretty cheap when it comes to stuff online.  I love FREE and easy.  And this program is easy to use.  There are little bubbles that pop up help you find buttons.  I tried to include a little bit of everything; however, there is so much to do in our little town that the free version is just not long enough.

I hope you enjoy a 30 second view of my hometown.  Click on the picture or the link to take you to the movie.

-Mrs. Berry

P.S. I am trying something  to see if I can embed this video.

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