Meijer by Christy Berry

Meijer by Christy Berry 48″ x 36″ Acrylic paint Indoor Light

This flower took years to create. It all started when I purchased a large canvas. I didn’t know what I was going to paint until I saw this group of flowers at Meijer. It was going to be a challenge to capture all of the colors and transitions. I started in May of 2016 and finished in April of 2017. Much thought went into the painting. I only painted on it when I was ready. I thought and thought about the flower. While I thought I created other paintings. I wanted it just right. I stared at it and thought about the colors.  I asked others what they thought. I added a few details and my signature.

I used two brands of paint for this painting: Liquitex basics and Grumbacher Academy acrylics. I used a variety of sized brushes. I started my base layer with a ½ inch brush and then transitioned to a 8 brush. I then moved to a size 4 and then a 2.  Finally, I added details with a 3/0 brush. While painting I generally listen to music with headphones.  I do this because I am generally painting when my children go to sleep. The music is upbeat and happy. I only painted when I was in a good mood and not exhausted. I wanted this one to be a colorful upbeat painting; similar to the flowers.

Meijer by Christy Berry

Meijer by Christy Berry 48″ x 36″ Acrylic paint Outdoor Light

When I took photos during the painting process the indoor lights from my studio area were florescent and incandescent.  I took two final photographs: one indoors with my studio lights and one outside with overcast morning light. There is a huge difference in how they look.  The outdoor light was bluer and changed how the painting looks. My personal preference is the warmer looking flower with the indoor light.

Please enjoy my short documentation video of my painting called Meijer.


Mrs. Berry

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