Here Ye’ Here Ye’

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Here Ye’ Here Ye’ is the old way to bring in people to your location.  We are a far cry from the town crier in our age of social networking and bringing people to our spot.  I am rather a newbie when it comes to social networking in the 21st century.  I am a first generation blogger.  I still communicate with my grandma through letters and snail mail.  My parents and mother-in-law were on Facebook before I was (ok, that is really sad).  However, I am the first to start blogging in my family.

Challenge 8 is to write about promoting your blog.  I was a bit stuck since; I don’t tweet or ping yet.  I’m going to try my first ping with this post.  I’ve developed my bag of tricks for advertising my blog.  Every teacher needs a good bag of tricks. I learned most of this these techniques from other bloggers.

Berry’s Bag of Tricks for promoting her blog

  • Add Tags
  • Let your friends know on Facebook you added a post
  • Add your blog’s site to all your emails
  • Link your blog to other blogs
  • Add a spot on your sidebar where people can sign up for your blog through email (Hint Hint)
  • Keep writing to bring people back
  • Use Ping-o-matic and Pingoat (I am going to try this one and see if it works.)
  • Communicate with people that leave comments on your post and visit their site
  • Tell friends, family, and other professionals about your blog

This lesson could be used in the classroom when discussing advertising and marketing. The instructor explains how we present ourselves and where we present ourselves is as important as our message.

Something things for students to consider when they are promoting their blog:

  • Do you want to promote your blog for everyone in the world, or just a few friends and family?
  • Do you want to pay for advertising?
  • Where do you want to promote your blog? (Discuss how some companies pull their advertisement campaigns from TV shows or events because the TV show or event has a bad image.)
  • Do you want to be linked to a friend’s post or a post you like?
  • What kinds of topic words do you want for your tag?
  • How much writing to do you want to write?
  • Do you want people to sign up for you blogs?

-Mrs. Berry

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