Artist Trading Cards

front of cardWell, it’s has been a busy summer.  I have been having many adventures with my family.  I know I said, I would write posts.  It’s been a very busy summer.  As school is just right around the corner I have started to write lesson plans.  Yes, I know it’s a month away.  It will be here soon than you know.  One of the lessons that I plan on using this fall is one called artist trading cards.  A couple of years ago I participated in the first Grumbacher trading cards. Click here link to the post about it. I won and received some cool stuff.  They are currently on their 39th swap.

So I thought way not have a swap with another school.  I asked a fellow art teacher and she agreed to swap cards for our sixth grade students.  Rock on!  So I sat down a wrote my lesson.  I wanted to change my element of art lesson up a bit and have students do a bit of investigating line.  I also went to a 2 day PD where the focus was having students transition from teacher led student led. It was a great workshop. Since this is one of the first lessons of the year there is a bit more teacher guidance to help students develop anatomy.

So here is the simple version of my lesson

  1. Students find images 15-20 with line as the focus asking questions about their finds
    1. Is this a line and how to I know it’s a line?
    2. How do I know it is different from other lines that I have found?
  2. Students create a plan and receive feedback from classmates
    1. How does my artist trading card use lines?
    2. Do I have enough lines (10 or more)?
    3. Did I use neatness and craftsmanship?
  3.  Student create card
  4. Students receive feedback from classmates
    1. How does my artist trading card use lines?
    2. Do I have enough lines (10 or more)?
    3. Did I use neatness and craftsmanship?
  5. Turn in the project

I have the full version on my Artist Trading Cards: Line.  Here is a description of the lesson.

Students are always showing off their artwork and creating drawings for each other. This lesson uses that motivation by having students create artist trading cards. Specifically, this lesson has students use line in their trading card. The assessments and objectives are geared towards grade 6. However, this could be used at any grade level.

When you purchase this lesson you will receive an electronic file that includes National/Michigan/Common Core benchmarks addressed in the lesson, assessment, materials list, teacher example, step-by-step instructions, accommodation suggestions, vocabulary word cut outs, and student handout with directions/rubric.

If anybody is interested in trading cards with seventh or eighth grade students please let me know.


Mrs. Berry


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