JMS 6th Grade Reading Essentials works with the James Dyson Engineering Box

IMG_9484My sixth grade Reading Essentials class used the Dyson Engineering Box. There was no cost to the school for the box. It’s provided by the James Dyson Foundation. All I did was ask if I could use the box. I put down my choice for which month I would like the box to arrive. We were very excited to receive the box. After four weeks we send it back. This is something that fits into my budget. The box came with directions and information along with posters. Along with a DC26 and heads to dismantle it also came with screw drivers. For more information please visit:

By far this was my students’ favorite lesson this trimester. There are several things that we did to use reading even though the students were mostly excited about dismantling the vacuum heads.

Reading Essentials DysonHere are some of our reading things:

  • We used looked at 10 vocabulary words relating to the box.
  • We analyzed and evaluated the text about James Dyson using several reading strategies week prior to dismantling the vacuum heads.
  • We worked in groups where each member took one of the five steps and either, verbally read the directions and questions, wrote the group answer, or dismantled the head.
  • Students also analyzed the design process and created their own inventions on paper. Some of the answers were pretty wacky and wonderfully thought out. My favorite was the teacher transporter so students wouldn’t start school so early.
  • Not only did this lesson cover common core standards for English Language Arts and Next Generation Science standards is also was engaging and lots of fun.

IMG_9529Feedback from my students:

  • Favorite lesson all trimester
  • The vacuum cord to plug into the wall is too short for my classroom.
  • Fascinated by the amount of dirt the Dyson vacuum cleaner could pick up vs the custodians vacuum cleaner he uses in my room. The custodian does not have a Dyson; his is a bag vacuum with only one wheel that pretty much only picks up paper.
  • Fascinated by the cyclone technology and watching stuff spin around.
  • The directions were not always clear on how to dismantle the vacuum or what part was what.

My feedback:

  • This was a fabulous lesson!
  • Students were engaged throughout the lesson.
  • It was fun to watch the students try to figure out the instructions and work well with their team mates.
  • This is a repeat lesson.

Please enjoy our video!


Mrs. Berry


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