6th Grade Students Look At Word Choice In Different Documents

Preamble by Mrs. BerryThis last week our sixth grade reading class was very busy with celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner, the U.S. Constitution Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day. We focused on word choice in those documents. We collaborated with the seventh and eighth grade band to be inspired by the song and look at the meaning in the words of the poem. The sixth grade students helped with the seventh and eighth grade students understand the definition of symbolism. The next day we looked at the U.S. Constitution, specifically the Preamble and Amendments 1-10. We analyzed the words with a partner and then took those words the next day and created a wax resist drawing with words. Students then created a wash over the words with watercolor paint. Finally, the day came to talk like a pirate day and we took children’s nursery rhymes and turned them into pirate rhymes. It was a hoot! Sixth grade students are brilliant when coming up with new ideas. I will do this lesson again! Please enjoy our video of our week. 

Here are links to my lesson plans on teachers pay teachers if you would like the details on the lesson.


Mrs. Berry


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