Agent in Training Profile

Agent BlueAs I am getting ready for my upcoming school year and my reading class I was thinking how I can make the first few days interesting and fun. I will need to go over fire, tornado, and lockdown drills with my students in the first few days. I also want to get to know my students and have them write a reading goal for the semester. I decided that wouldn’t it be great if I also added a bit of art in there. I put those ideas in a blender and came up with an Agent Profile. Not only will these hang in the hall (there is no art the first trimester and the walls will be lonely) but I will also get to know my students a bit before we dig into reading strategies.

Students fill out an “agent” survey and then using an actual profile of themselves they will blend them together. I have this lesson on my teachers pay teachers page if you want the whole lesson.   Here is a description of my Agent in Training Profile lesson:

Shhh.. It is top secret. Your students are about to enter the world of CSI Training. This lesson is my introductory lesson to my sixth grade Reading Essentials class with a CSI theme. I spend the first three days going over safety procedures (not included because every school is unique) and getting to know who the students are (lesson included in this file.) Students fill out an agent profile and write what their reading goal will be. This is combined into an actual profile of the student. This lesson includes: National Art Standard, objectives, assessment, material list, day by day lesson, agent survey worksheet, rubric worksheet, and teacher example. So if you are ready to take on the role of a CSI trainee this lesson is for you.


Mrs. Berry

P.S. This lesson could be used for any subject, just change it to your class content area.


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