O is for Oh Say! Can You See

O is for Oh Say! Can You SeeSince, it was recently the Fourth of July my daughter and I skipped a bunch of letters and went for the letter “O” as part of her ABC storybook. After watching the parade and reading the story Oh Say! Can You See by D. Clark, we made our own flag.

When I did this lesson with my kindergarten students I sang the song. The art lesson went over really well but my singing not so much. You know you don’t have a strong singing voice when a group of kindergarten students cover their ears. They are definitely honest. If you would like a copy of O is for Oh Say! Can You See and not my singing click here to go to my page on Teachers Pay Teachers.

This is what we did when my daughter made her “O” page.

  • She made the 5 x 5 square with help. I put little dots where she should connect her lines
  • She would say, “Horizontal” while drawing the stripes of the flag
  • She recognized there was a pattern
  • She then told me there are lots of stars on the flag, not just one
  • Then she told me about the stars.

Again, I left in her language and grammar style to keep it to her voice. I have a sneaky feeling that the stars are my daughters who want to play with their friends and the mommy and daddy star are my husband and I. I do let her play with her friends but not at 8 at night. Her story is below.

American FlagGwendolyn’s Story

Flying away.. A bird catches them and a pop star and momma star look for the kids far far away. A little stars come out and play for a little bit. Momma said, “No.” Some little stars wanted to play. And the daddy said, “No” too. That’s important too. And a little star said, “Pretty please,” like those. And do that in summer. Them flew out of the sky and see us. That’s important thing. The stars can begin. They are supposed to be together. It’s important things for them to be together. Then the daddy star said, “Yes, and go play.” Mommy star said, “No.” The End

Happy 4th of July!


Mrs. Berry


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