A is for Ants

A is for Ants by Gwendolyn Age 4

A is for Ants by Gwendolyn Age 4

Many years ago my first daughter and I worked together to create her own ABC book; where she created the artwork and told stories. Since she was four, I wrote down what she said. I then thought, “Hey would this not be cool if my students made their own ABC book to learn about art.” I’m not going to lie, it was a ton of work with many different volunteers needed to help. However, the results were amazing. Each student walked away with their own book that they created over the entire school year with their own artwork and stories. The whole experience was to introduce students to art terms/techniques, stories, and letters. My lessons also include dancing/movement, counting, science, and songs. If you would like my lesson on “A” click here to go to my page on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I no longer teach elementary art; however, my youngest is four and it is her turn to create her own ABC book. We started with the letter “A”. I don’t have a die cut machine so we used a scrap-booking sticker. It works for her book. We sang the Ants Go Marching song and parts of the insect. She argued with me that I had it wrong; she insists that it goes head, shoulders, knees, and toes. It does not go, head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen. She also questioned about ants climbing trees.

This is what we did when she made her “A” page.Drawing Ants

  • She would say, “Vertical” while gluing vertical strips of paper
  • She would say, “Horizontal while gluing horizontal strips of paper
  • She would say print making while pressing down the different parts of the ant
  • She drew legs and antenna on each ant
  • She then told me a story about ants

I copied down what she said for her story. I did this because I wanted the focus to be on telling the story. I also kept the integrity of her style of language and did not correct her grammar. When I worked with the kindergarten classes each student had a fifth grade buddy that wrote down what the kindergarten student stated. A parent volunteer would also help out.

Gwendolyn’s Story

Ah… it’s for digging on the ground.Ant by Christy Berry It’s for pooping all of the poop out.   It’s they make babies, and babies eggs crack and babies grow and it’s get taller and the scoop comes and there is kids and bugs grow horses squishes all of the things and people love all the other one horses get me out to the cage and this one squishes the ants and this girl all alone with nobody to play because the ants marching all long and they climb the trees, blue and green, and rainbows and then the rain dried up. The End


Mrs. Berry


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