Curing Cabin Fever

Cabin fever has set in and I am in need of some flowers and a green spring.  Since, I can’t have that and we have had 10 snow days in two months; I have been doing a bit of painting.  These are two that are finished.  I have a few others that I have been working on, but my attention span is all over the place.  Hopefully, spring will be here soon and I can start to garden again.

Old and New by Christy Berry

Old and New by Christy Berry

The purpose of the first painting was to use up the existing tubes of paint. I wanted to clear out space and purchase new paint.  I don’t like to waist any paint so I thought why not take the last couple of squeezes and create a painting using those colors.  The paint was purchased over 18 years or so ago.  It’s been awhile but the paint still worked; however, it was a little thick.  I also then added other colors on top because I now ran out of those colors.  I used a 20” by20” canvas with acrylic paint.

Yellow Flower by Christy Berry

Yellow Flower by Christy Berry

The second painting was using a type of vellum paper, acrylic, and sharpie.  I have been experimenting with this type of paper. Up until this point I have only used watercolor and sharpie.  I like the look of the acrylic.  The vellum reduces my use of highly saturated colors.  I’m indifferent at this point to if I like it or not.  It might grow on me.

Please enjoy.


Christy Berry


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