52 Paintings: Week 30 Messy Blue Flowers

Messy Blue Flowers by Christy Berry

Messy Blue Flowers by Christy Berry

It’s been a bit since I have worked on my goal of 52 paintings in a year.  I have been a little busy, moved to a new home, had a baby, an emergency c-section, and a code blue was called after I had a grand mal seizure on my birthday. All this occurred within a week’s time period.

So how this is all related to my latest painting?  Well, since we moved only 8 tubes of paint made it to the new house.  There was no white paint; which I normally love to use. I also didn’t have brushes here yet.  I haven’t been able to drive to pick them up. That’s what happens when you have a c-section and seizure; you are not allowed to drive. Having the baby means that I have little time to actually sit down and paint, so I finger painted to get something on canvas.  I spent an hour to hour and a half on the final part of this painting.  This painting actually started 15 years ago when I attended community college.  Somehow this partially painted canvas made it to the house when my fresh brand never been used ones did not.  So I decided to finish the painting with a finger painting.

If my painting looks a little messy and unorganized it reflects how my life is right now.  Between the lack of sleep, the demands of taking care of a newborn, moving, and taking care of my two other daughters.  Well that’s about what life is like for me right now.  My husband and I try taking shifts so that we can at least get some sleep. So having a hour to spare on my own personal art in a month is about right.



Mrs. Berry


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