Sketchbook Unit: Principles of Design

Pattern Example

Pattern Example

I have been plugging away at creating lessons and my seventh grade is next on my list.  I am not teaching this class the first trimester that is why I have delayed on planning for this class; however, I will be using the posters for my wall.  Much like my sixth grade lesson with dealing with the elements of art I have developed my seventh grade to focus on the principles of design.

While I was working on my masters I did a research paper on connecting visuals and vocabulary words.  The short of a long paper is that my students who connected an image, vocabulary word, definition, and words associated with the image remembered the definition more than those students who did not.  So that brings me to my lesson for my seventh grade.

This lesson is also for the beginning of the trimester.  The hidden curriculum is teaching them how to use the different media and clean up procedures.  I also want them to be able to have their own reference pages with definitions in their sketchbook.

This is the description for my lesson from teachers pay teachers:

This lesson plan unit includes eight projects that focus on different types of media and the elements of art. The benchmarks mentioned are for sixth grade students; however, this lesson could be adapted to any level. The unit includes the following: Michigan art benchmarks and standards, assessment, vocabulary list, material list, reference list, step by step instructions, student rubric, and teacher sample page.  In this lesson students will learn about the elements of art and different types of basic art materials used for drawing/painting. Students connect art words and definitions to images to represent the elements of art.

Please click on the link to connect to the lesson plan: Sketchbook Unit/Principles of Design.


Mrs. Berry


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