52 Paintings: Week 16-26

Nine Flowers by Christy Berry

Nine Flowers by Christy Berry


I found a bit of time to complete a few more paintings.  Now granted nine of them are smaller, but they took a ton of time to paint.  I was going after an Andy Warhol type style with a mix of Georgia O’Keeffe.  I then also added my own flare to make it my own.  I don’t have different names for each one, just the placement of the artwork when it is all together.  Click on the small Nine Flowers picture to get a closer look at each of the nine paintings.

Four Flowers by Christy Berry

Four Flowers by Christy Berry

My Four Flower painting is a watercolor painting done on the back of the paper that accompanies the frame.  I was out of paper and was trying to create a piece of artwork that I thought I might enter into a local contest.  Well, my eldest daughter also did the same type of painting and I didn’t want to the two pieces to be judged against one another so I entered different paintings.  I was also trying to work out a lesson idea for my high school students.  I like to try a lesson before I have them create the artwork to work out any kinks.



Zoe by Christy Berry

Zoe by Christy Berry

My last painting I call Zoe is after my niece.  Again, I was working on a lesson for my high school students and I started with a Chuck Close type assignment.  Well, it was not going all that well.  However, I really liked the composition so I kept the form and changed the colors.  Several coats later, I finally have a result that I like.  If you click to enlarge the image you will see the vertical and horizontal lines.  I really like this painting because it’s a bit different from my other paintings.  It’s loose and it’s a fun yellow flower with lots of personality.

Please enjoy my paintings.


Mrs. Berry


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