6th Grade Quality World Portfolios

Quality World Folder by Christy Berry

Quality World Folder by Christy Berry

Well, I have been working like mad on my lesson plans and I have a lesson on making portfolios for my students.  I like these portfolios because they are something personal my students enjoy.  I have several of them ask on the first day if they can take it home and work on it.  I tell them that if they still need more time they can take it home on the second to last day.  Otherwise, it will stay in the classroom.  Usually all of my students finish in the four class days.  I do have a few that will add as much detail as possible and will need to take it home to finish.

I also use this lesson at the beginning of the trimester to see what kind of drawing skills/knowledge they have.  It is an informal assessment but I can gauge what they know from it.  I tell them up front that they do not need to worry about how they draw as long as they have the requirements.

This project also generates a lot of discussion between my students and I.  It is because I will then go ask them personally what there folder is about; which they gladly will tell me.  I get a small peek into everybody’s world within the first week.

I have the full lesson for sale at 6th Grade Quality World Portfolios.

This is a description about the lesson:

This fun lesson is designed for the beginning of the school year.  The lesson also is useful as a tool to hold student’s artwork. The assessments and objectives are geared towards grade 6. However, this could be used at any grade levels. My students will be using this artwork as their portfolios to hold artwork all semester so it does not become lost.

When you purchase this lesson you will receive an electronic file that includes Michigan benchmarks addressed in the lesson, assessments, materials list, teacher examples, step-by-step instructions, and reference questions.

This lesson was successful for my students last year; that is why I am repeating the same lesson. This lesson is also geared toward teaching procedures in the art classroom.  I also use this opportunity to look at the student’s drawing level without prior instruction.

Here are some of my student examples from Artsonia.

21646536 21646651 21646634

Mrs. Berry


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