6th Grade Value and Still Life Activity

Pumpkin Painting Step 3I continue to work on lesson for my sixth grade students.  This lesson uses value and a still life drawing.  As part of the lesson I want my students to really think about the process of creating art.  So over the course of five days they also reflect on using materials and determining what they are going to do next.  I have ten different questions for my students; some of the questions that I ask them include:

Value Scale by Christy Berry

Value Scale by Christy Berry

  • “What did you like or not like about using the tools you used today?  Why do you say that?”
  • “What does it mean to have quality craftsmanship in your artwork?  Why do you say this?”
  • “Describe the artistic process in creating your artwork from start to finish.”

For different seasons I have them draw some sort of plant; for fall it’s a pumpkin, winter is a poinsettia, and the spring it is a flowering plant or house plant.  After students create their piece I have them write an artist statement.  This is attached to the artwork.

I have the full lesson for sale at TeachersPayTeachers.  Here is a description of my lesson:

Poinsettia Painting by Christy Berry

Poinsettia Painting by Christy Berry

This five day lesson will have sixth grade students create a value scale and experiment with pencils; work with a sketch and wash pencil, and watercolor paint.  Students will develop and apply critical and reflective thinking while creating their artwork, understand the qualities of materials, produce a final product for exhibit. The unit includes a Common Core Standard, five sixth grade Michigan Visual Art Benchmarks and Standards, assessment, lesson plan, three teacher examples (pumpkin, plant, and sketchbook pencil use), artist statement form, and a student rubric.


Mrs. Berry


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