52 Paintings in 2013: Week 1


A friend of mine (Joy Bender Hadley) is doing a project of creating a piece of artwork every day this year. This is incredible!  Joy’s cool plan of making art every day can be seen here. You can also follower her tweets.

Now I would love to do something like that but my family and I just recently moved (the reason why I haven’t written any posts in a while).  Everything is still in boxes.  I am thankfully, still teaching art.  However, it is now at the middle school and high school level.  I love my new job and I am still adjusting to the “giant” students.  I am used to most of my students being much shorter than I am.  Now my students tower over me.  I am also adjusting to new grade level content standards and benchmarks.  Which is something that I love but it takes time.

In order to sort of do what Joy is creating I have adjusted my goal to 52 pieces for the year.  Last year, I made 21 paintings.  Mind you this also included taking 2 graduate classes (one of those was my capstone), being a mom of two young children, teaching full time, and moving.

I started one last week and it is four feet by three feet.  That’s probably the biggest painting I have ever painted.  I have already painted for at least fifteen hours this last week. It will take me a few more weeks before it is completed.  So in order to get my painting in for this week, I went on the small scale.

Christy Berry's Small Rose

Christy Berry’s Small Rose

I used:

  • Koi watercolor paint
  • Mini Mack Tidwell brush
  • 2.5 in x 3.5 in Strathmore Watercolor Paper-Cold Press
  • Hourish of time

I call it Small Rose.


Mrs. Berry


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cora
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 09:00:23

    Christy – I admire your stamina. I am retired and taking acrylic painting classes and also drawing classes. If I complete something in a week, I feel lucky. I think the classes are paying off because I see myself getting better. My plan for retirement was to take lessons, so after retiring in 1995 at age 51, my dream came true about 3 years ago. Better late than never.

    I will look at your work often to get inspiration and hopefully more ambition. I live in Michigan. Where do you live.

    Cora Hartman


    • berryart
      Jan 08, 2013 @ 19:01:42


      Thanks. I have lived all over Michigan from the UP to the lower peninsula. Do you have a website or blog where you show case your work? I would love to see it.


      Christy Berry


      • Cora
        Jan 09, 2013 @ 15:19:53

        Christy – No, I don’t have a website yet. Maybe someday. I don’t have a lot of paintings, but I have joined the Gladwin Artists Guild and the Midland Artist Guild, which both offer the opportunity to display member paintings in local restaurants., doctor offices, senior centers, etc. I have some displayed in Gladwin now, and in March will have some in Midland. It’s a start. I also display at the student shows at Bay City’s Studio 23 Gallery and Midland Center for the Arts. I had a drawing accepted at the juried Studio 23 “all area show” recentlly. That was very encouraging.


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