Quality World Pictures

It has been a while since, I last posted.  I have been working on last minute fun summer art stuff and lesson planning.  My first lesson for the year will be working with students on understanding what pictures are in their quality world; which means, what kinds of things are important to them.  I also use this lesson to teach procedures to my young students.

What’s in your quality world?  In mine it’s my family and descriptive words of who I am.  I use this teacher example to show my students a little bit about myself.  That way they can get to know me and have a quality example.  The basics of the lesson are thus:

  • Teach about quality worlds/images from around the world
  • Have students create a border with patterns, images, symbols
  • Draw what is in their quality world
  • Add color
  • Discuss their image and how it relates to others around the world

I have posted the whole lesson on Teacher’s pay Teachers website.  Click here if you would like to travel to the lesson.  Listed below is my description of the nine page lesson:

This fun lesson is designed for the beginning of the school year.  The assessments and objectives are geared towards grades 1-3; however, this could be used at any grade levels.  My students will be using this artwork as a place-mat for their lunch time.

When you purchase this lesson you will receive an electronic file that includes Michigan benchmarks addressed in the lesson, layered curriculum, assessments, materials list, teacher examples, step-by-step instructions, and reference question cards.

This lesson was successful for my students last year; that is why I am repeating the same lesson.  I received several positive comments from parents who still have their child’s artwork from last year.  This lesson is also geared toward teaching procedures in the art classroom.


Mrs. Berry


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