Uncle Andy’s Cat


I recently used this lesson with my kindergarten students during the last week of school.  They did such an amazing job on drawing their cats.  I was purrrrring with delight.  The lesson was stretched over three days because they were being so careful and taking their time.  As students were working they started making up their own stories and explanations for their cats and what was happening in their pictures.  They were so excited when they finished.  That was the end result.  Flash back three days prior…

Good Afternoon Class….

Good Afternoon Mrs. Berry!

Today was a going to read a wonderful story called Uncle Andy’s Cat by James Warhola.  This book is a great story.  I met him last fall and he signed my book.

We read the story and then start to make our own cats.  I’ve included a short video clip on how to make a cat based off of James Warhola’s illustrations.

Click here if you would like this long lesson please check out my lesson on teachers pay teachers:

The lesson includes: Common Core Standard that are targeted along with Michigan visual arts standards, material list, assessment of lesson, the lesson with step by step drawing instructions, teacher example, and a reproducible example of a cat in a wig.


Mrs. Berry


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