D is for Dow Gardens: A Collection of Short Silly Tales


For the final of my writing class I needed to create some sort of writing piece of my choice.  Well, I thought about it, and thought about it, and did a bit more thinking.  I finally came up with an idea.  The story is called D is for Dow Gardens: A Collection of Short Silly Tales by Christy Berry.  I love alphabet books and the Dow Gardens.  I have been working on a series of painting from Dow Gardens.  I’m not done yet, because I want to paint all of the images in the story. But alas, I do not have that much time. The assignment is due in two weeks and paintings take a bit of time.  So, I have included my own photographs in the mix where there are no paintings.

I need to give thanks to the people that helped me put this book together:

  • My husband for ideas and editing
  • My daughters for listening to the stories
  • My good friend Erin for ideas
  • The Dow Garden volunteers and employees for marking an “x” on a map where I needed a letter or two
  • And God for making the trees and flowers.

I will give you a small sneak peek in a page of the story. 

The stories sometimes relate to one another and intertwine. This short story came from when my daughter and I pretended there are trolls under the bridges when we walk over them.

R is for Red Bridges

It be wise to stop and speak with the villagers before traveling through the kingdom.  They know how to tip-toe across bridges, for something big lives under each one.  Now it’s a well-known fact that trolls like the color red and years ago a family of these creatures heard whispers of a kingdom with red bridges.  They promptly packed their bags and moved.  When they arrived they were amazed at how many there were and they each took a bridge.  They were very happy to have found a new home.  Sometimes you will see them with large green waders as they are trying to gobble up their snack of duckweed.  If you meet one pay the proper toll of a greeting and ye shall be allowed to pass.

I have also made a book trailer for my book.  Please enjoy the short trailer below.

If you would like to purchase this book, please contact me.  I have only made one copy but I could make more.  Or, if you know a publisher who is looking for a nifty idea please let me know.  The stories are rather cute; some are short and others longer.

How you could use this in the classroom:

  • Read the stories and find where other stories are the inspiration for different letters.
  • Have your students write their own silly story about a place.
  • Read the story and then visit the actual Dow Gardens for a field trip (I’m doing this one this spring with my students).
  • Have the students draw their own pictures for places they visit or take photographs.


Christy Berry


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