Winter takes a Vacation

Looking for Syrup

Winter must not have told anybody that he was leaving for vacation and putting Summer in charge. For the weather has been very warm all week with highs in the 80’s.  So with flowers springing out of the ground and the trees blooming, the frogs and bugs have come out of their slumber early.  My family also shed our winter wear and heading out to the local nature center.

Normally, we find that the sap is still running and the sugar house is in full swing.  This year didn’t find sap in the buckets, only dead bugs.  We were to late this year. But there was still hope.  We headed over to the visitor center to explore and touch many different dead things.  It was fun to feel and examine animal pelts and how they fit into our environment or how we fit into theirs (depending on your point of view).  We did a lot of looking and experiencing today.  We were building background knowledge and having fun!  Before we left the center we borrowed a net and bucket dipper to find some tadpoles.  We walked out to the marsh/pond area and started to search.  They were allusive but finally we found one. The girls looked at it and felt what it was like before putting it back into the water.  We said our goodbyes, return the net and dipper, and then headed home.  Even though winter took a vacation we still found something we could do.  We will return later in the year to catch frogs instead of tadpoles.

How our little adventure translates into the classroom:

  • Science:Study the life cycle of frogs and examine them and their features at different stages.
  • Social Studies:  Study the history of making maple syrup.
  • Art:  Draw something you saw while you were on a nature walk.  Or take photographs of your adventure (see Animoto video above).
  • Language Arts:  Write about your adventure (see example above).
  • Reading:  Find a book about the outdoors and read it together as a class.  This could be done before or after depending on how you want to scaffold your lesson.

Enjoy the warm winter weather!


Mrs. Berry


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