Panda Bear Painting Art and Writing Lesson

My students are in the process of creating their very own panda bear pictures this week. as part of a very larger unit on the China. For this lesson you will need a variety of pictures of pandas (I call this the idea sheet).  I used Google to find cute panda art.  I found several images that I copied and pasted onto another document for my students to visual different possibilities.  I also pasted a real picture of a panda bear.  The idea sheet is to assist students to make a decision on which direction to start.  The students also have freedom to create their own panda if they choose.

Students will be drawing and painting their picture.  Students are able to choose colors for a background and design.  Again, students are allowed freedom to choose what is placed in their painting (As always, content is G-rated). Students are then to create their own panda pictures and then paint them.

At the end students are to write a poem or story about their panda.  My personal favorite are acrostic poems because they are short (time wise) and students are successful in this type of writing activity.  I do give the students the option of writing a story if they would like.  In the past, I have had a few elect to write a story.  The important part is that they are writing about their art.

Here is a short Animoto video on creating a panda.  Since, my daughter is my guinea pig I have included hers in the video.  I promise, I did not prompt her to say what she said about the base coat, just for her to repeat what she said.


Mrs. Berry


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