Collaboration Between Two Teachers and an Octopus

Mrs. Berry and a Student

This past Friday, Mrs. Dunn (first grade teacher) and I teamed up with an octopus to teach the students about the short “o” sound. Mrs. Dunn introduced the class to the short “o” by hooking the students with a short clip about an octopus. She found one that showed the suction cups of the octopus. Afterwards, Mrs. Dunn reminded the students about the sounds the different vowels make and how the letter “o” sounds and looks when you say that sound. Students then learned that an octopus has eight tentacles and lots of suction cups to grab onto their prey.

After Mrs. Dunn’s introduction I showed the students how to draw an octopus. I reminded them that these are art octopi and if theirs looked different or had extra things that was ok. (You will find that there are additions, such as a tie, buttons, hats, and extra suction cups.) I also demonstrated how to use multiple colors for their octopus and how to color slow. Finally, adding in a background and plants.

Mr. Schrock (principal) even helped out with our lesson. On the backboard there was an octopus draw for reference for the students. Mr. Schrock added his artistic flare for the eyes and mouth. (The first grade students didn’t believe that he drew the eyes and mouth.) Students could reference this giant drawing while they were creating their own octopus. The class drew their octopi together. Once they were done as a class, half worked with Mrs. Dunn and the other half with me.

While Mrs. Dunn helped students write an acrostic poem about octopi (she had words samples for each letter), I helped students add color with color sticks. We then adorned smocks and painted our suction cups with a styrofoam ball. Students who finished early helped other students either by coloring, holding the door open for students who had paint on their hands, or helping clean up. (First grade students are great helpers.) I have attached a video about our Friday morning activity.


Mrs. Berry


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Denise Krebs
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 15:18:35

    Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Dunn and first graders,
    Great job collaborating! I enjoyed seeing your Outstanding Octopus art! It’s fun and rewarding to work together, isn’t it?

    I loved seeing your video of how you worked. Great music too!

    Warm regards,
    Mrs. Krebs


    • berryart
      Oct 23, 2011 @ 16:37:05

      Thanks Denise,

      This was the first time we tried this. I would call this lesson a repeat lesson because it went so well, that we will do this again next year.

      -Mrs. Berry


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