Hello my name is…

It is that time in the year when students return to school and teachers are looking for ways to introduce themselves and get to know their students. I am currently taking a graduate writing class along with my capstone. This is where you play the doom music. It’s not that bad yet; however, if I haven’t posted for a while you will know why.

There were a couple of fun neat activities that we used to introduce ourselves. Here are couple of examples using writing and reading that I was introduced to from my professors. I am also using the 6 + 1 Writing Traits book in my class. This is something new to me.

 From my capstone class:

Literacy Dig: A way to introduce your self is to bring in 8-11 objects that have some sort of text on it that you like or find significant. One must be a book.

My objects:

  • Painting with my signature
  • Dow Gardens Card
  • My daughter’s soccer picture (words are on their shirts)
  • Window decal from my school
  • Crayola Marker box
  • Godiva chocolate tag
  • Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Steinverstein
  • A magnet that states, “Be Creative”

We shared our objects in our groups. It was show and tell for adults with an emphasis on text.

From my writing class:

The first one was to write an autobiography that sparkled. Here is my example.

Dear Reader,

I am supposed to write about whom I am, what and where I teach while using voice. Hmm, let me think a bit.  I need to be like Winnie the Pooh and think, think, think.  Alright, I have it.  I shall describe myself a bit.  I have a yellow mask, and a paint splattered cape with a purple apron.  I am known as the art teacher or to kindergarten students everywhere as Mrs. Berries.  Well, I’ve been infusing art and molding young minds in creativity all over the state of for the last nine years.  It has been mostly art.  But there was a semester or two where I taught basic math and English to alternative high school students.  Now, mind you I’m only certified to teach in the visual arts.  However, my principal told me that I knew more than they did and it was ok.  
     Now, I find myself recently this past summer in my dream job at Bay City Academy.  While I am there I will be molding young minds in the visual arts from kindergarten to sixth grade.  Reader, this is where you insert a maniacal laugh with fingers tapping one another.  Ha Ha Ha. I am just kidding; a super hero doesn’t have an evil laugh. Well, I think these paragraphs covers the what and where.  But don’t stop here; I still have more to tell you.  Keep reading to the next paragraph. 
     Whew, I’m glad you didn’t leave.   Shhh, this part is a secret and only should be read with the utmost care.  I need to tell you about my secret identity.  I am the mother of two and the wife of a wonderful husband.  We live in Midland Michigan on most days.  Occasionally, you will find us down at the lake at the bottom of the state.  When I am not being a super hero I find that I fill my time with family activities, such as painting, spending time outdoors, and scrapbooking.  Reader, are you thinking that my family actually participates in these activities? Well, they do.  The 18th month old will walk across my pallet and then onto my brand new canvas leaving her blue feet marks while both the oldest daughter and husband laugh until tears come out.  For now, that is all that I will tell you.  If you want to know more please visit at http://www.berryart.wordpress.com


Christy Berry aka Mrs. Berry

The next example that we used in class was to create a poem or pose about ourself. I would extend the activity with drawing a picture to match the text. I used the If I were…. starter for my poem.

Mrs. Berry’s Bitter Purple Apron

By Christy Berry

If I were Mrs. Berry I would let anybody touch me; even with those sticky gluey fingers. 

If I were Mrs. Berry I would let them play with slippery clay.

If I were Mrs. Berry I would use real stinky fish to teach about fish printmaking.

If I were Mrs. Berry I would give them things that are messy!

If I were Mrs. Berry I would let them use their outrageous imagination.

If I were Mrs. Berry I would let them make a choice about their art.

If I were Mrs. Berry I wouldn’t fix their projects.

If I were Mrs. Berry I would allow movement and delightful dancing.

If I were Mrs. Berry I would let them talk to their heart’s content.

If I were Mrs. Berry I would belly laugh and smile a mile wide.

If I were Mrs. Berry I would give helpful hugs.

If I were Mrs. Berry I would teach amazing art. 

If I was Mrs. Berry I wouldn’t hang my purple apron in the dark closet overnight all alone.

That is what I would do if I were Mrs. Berry.

The third example of introducing yourself is to use a small moment from your life. This involves describing a small moment out of a big event. The example I used was to describe a fishing trip with my family when I was a teenager.

Carnivorous Tree

by Christy Berry

The tall tree had eyeballed me all afternoon and as the family was rowing away it stuck out a branch.  The brown branch easily sewed its way through my yellow life vest without a sound.  I was lifted up and out of the boat with my legs and feet dangling over the water.  The little sunfish were circling below waiting for the left over scraps.

Help,” I called out.

Laughter was the only answer that I heard.

So those are my examples that I have for introducing myself to my classmates. If you try any, please comment and let me know how it went.


Mrs. Berry


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