104 Days of Summer Vacation: Painting on Location

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This one is fun to do if you have a spot where you can spend the day.  This also requires time.  I like painting at the Dow Gardens.  It may not be Monet’s garden but this one is a nice place with lots of flower and friendly staff.  This afternoon was beautiful and I wanted to paint some cloud formations into my background.  So I packed up my supplies and headed to the gardens.

Here is what you need to paint on location:

  • Water bucket
  • Water
  • Variety of paint brushes and sizes
  • Acrylic Paint: red, blue, yellow, black, orange, greens, white (I forgot the purple)
  • Pallet (ice cream bucket top)
  • Painting blanket
  • A beverage to keep you hydrated

When I arrived it was raining out, which was ok.  I’ve painted in the rain before.  Not a big deal.  When it’s lighting, I head inside.  I found my spot and decided what I wanted to paint.  I had a location in mind, but when I arrived it was cloudy.  Just before I decided to leave to a different spot, the sun came out and it was beautiful.  So I parked myself right then and there. I took out my supplies and started to paint.

Here are some steps for painting:

  • Unfold blanket and put supplies on top
  • Put water in water bucket
  • Sketch out a plan for the painting
  • Take out brushes and paint
  • Paint the sky and clouds first
  • Paint the background
  • Paint the middle ground
  • Paint the foreground
  • Sign the painting

And about four to five hours later you are done.  If you were not sitting in a chair but the ground make sure you stretch and step back from your work, every once and a while.  What is neat about painting on location is that you get natures sounds all around you.  There were a couple of times that bugs landed on my painting and my feet.  I had a dragonfly land on one of my painted flowers.  I just paint around the bugs.

Enjoy painting!

-Mrs. Berry


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