104 Days of Summer Vacation: Lake Fun

View of the Lake In the Summer by Christy Berry

If you get a chance to go the lake this summer there are several fun and wet activities. My personal favorite is fishing, but we already discussed that.  This is a long post but it is packed with fun ideas to do before the end of the summer.

1. Go Tubing

This is a fun activity; especially if you are eight years old. My daughter went for the first time this summer. She absolutely loved it and wanted to go again. Me, I was scared out of my wits every time she went on a giant wave. I was the spotter. As a spotter you need to remember a few things. A thumbs up means faster and a thumbs down means slower. The ok sign means you are ok.

There are a couple of things you need for this activity:

  • A boat strong and fast enough to pull you
  • An inner tube
  • A driver
  • A spotter
  • A life vest (correct size and weight for each passenger)

2. Go Water skiing or Wake boarding

I’ve tried the water skiing thing and it didn’t go so well. I have a problem getting up. I tend not to let go of the rope, even if I have lost the skis. It’s pretty funny from an observers point of view, but I ended up all wet with that little adventure. Now, I just watch other people, and I am fine with that.

There are a couple of things you need for this activity:

  • A boat strong and fast enough to pull you
  • Skis or a wake board
  • A driver
  • A spotter
  • A life vest (correct size and weight for each passenger)

3. Go Paddle Boating

I like this one because the speed is much slower and you can enjoy the scenery without getting bugs in your teeth. This is also friendly for the lake (no boat gas fumes or oil slick). If you don’t have a paddleboat you can usually rent them.

What you need:

  • A paddleboat
  • A life vest (correct size and weight for each passenger)

4. Go For A Boat Ride

There a lots of different kinds of boats. I’ve tried a few over the years. When you take a pontoon, the ride is slower but there is a ton of space to move around. Some of the more fancier types of pontoons have little areas for a toilet and changing area. These boats are mostly for cruising around slowly with a lot of people. A fishing boat is nice, but not really for spending the day cruising the lake. It works but I would rather be on a pontoon. Then there are the fast boats that make so much noise that it seems you are in the middle of a highway. I’ve seen sail boats on lakes before but never have been on one. There are kayaks canoes that need a bit of arm power to make them go. I usually end up in circles with these types of boats. But they are fun because you make your own power.

5. Look For Seashells

Whenever we are at the lake we look for unusual seashells. There are all kinds if you comb the side of the lake. Just be mindful if you are at a state or national park. Please don’t take seashells from these beaches. Leave them were you find them; that way other people can enjoy these special treasures too. Before taking them home be sure to wash them completely because they will smell all the way home.

6. Write Your Name In The Sand

On a recent trip we stood next to the water’s edge and put our feet prints in the sand and then we wrote our names in the sand and took a picture.

7. Make A Sandcastle

I have always enjoyed making sandcastles. I once won second place in a sandcastle building castle. There are a couple of different types of castles. You don’t need any fancy tools to make your castle, but a shovel and a bucket do help. I like to build mine close to the water but not to close that it will wash away with a big wave. My favorite castles are drip castles. These are made when you take wet sand and let it drip into a pile. You can get some really neat colors if the sand is black and white.

8. Bury Somebody In The Sand

I have actually buried my brothers in the sand but not to deep. We actually just coved them up with sand. You need to be careful when digging in the sand. You really don’t want to get buried to deep because the sand could crush you. Usually you just have the person lie down flat and then cover with sand so that they could make an easy escape if they needed to move.

9. Sit At The End Of The Dock

A good time to do this is when watching sunsets or sunrises. The lake is quiet and calm. I perfect time to relax and contemplate the world. I also like to fish at the end of the dock.

10 Make Your Own Boat

There are all kinds of ways that you can make your own boat. I like to use natural materials, like a piece of wood, and put little sea shells on it and put it in the water.

11. Skip Stones

The trick to this one is to find nice flat rocks that are not too big. When you skip stones, you will need a flat round rock. When you throw the rock, you throw it at an angle that is somewhat parallel to the surface of the water. This activity is best on calm water days. That way the waves do not interfere with how many skips you can get. Once you have the technique down, count how many skips you can do.

12. Catch Crawfish

This one takes practice and speed. I also recommend being careful so you don’t get pinched. When the water is calm and not over taken by waves from boats is a great time to catch crawfish by hand. The little creatures are pretty fast and sneaky but fun to catch. When you go to grab the crawfish, go for the body, you are less likely to get pinched. Once you are done catching them, let them go or eat them up if you know how to cook them. I usually let them go after looking at them.

13. Watch The Birds

This year there have been several more swans on the lake than in years past.  They are a lot of fun to watch.  A few of them actually came pretty close to use.  Of course, there are the noisy geese.  I like the loons best of all.  The ducks are cute too.  Last year, a duck decided to lay her eggs on the neighbors boat cover.  If you have an identification book you can look up the different varieties of the birds.

14. Watch Fireworks

This is a benefit of being on a lake.  So many people shoot off fireworks for the fourth of July.  This year we watched a spectacular show from a boat.  There is always the option of just sitting on a dock and watching the fireworks, or sitting in the lake house and watching from the windows.

15. Catch Butterflies

This one is a bit trickier because they fly so fast; however, if you are patient and walk slowly you can catch one and then let it go and watch it fly away.  I caught one and my little one opened my hands and gasped as the butterfly flew away.

I have made a short video clip for things to do at the lake.

Enjoy your day at the lake,

-Mrs. Berry


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