104 Days of Summer Vacation: Cards

Of course, you can go out and buy a Hallmark card or a 99 cent card to send to somebody, but hand make cards are more personal.  There are the traditional type cards that you can make, you can also make Artist Trading Cards.

1. Artist Trading Cards

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Artist trading cards are fun to make and to receive.  I recently participated in a contest thru Grumbacher (art supplier company) along with other artists.  We created a business card size piece of artwork and on the back we put our relevant information.  Each of us sent in our cards to Grumbacher with a self-address envelope and received somebody else’s card.  This was also a contest and I was one of the top three and won a set of Grumbacher brushes.  Yea!  In addition, I also received a cool trading card by Carol Lane Fleming called “Love.” This is a very colorful card!  You don’t need a company to facilitate this activity, just find a bunch of friends or co-workers and make your own small business sized artwork and exchange the cards.  You can use any type of material that you would like.  I used the PolyShrink for my card.  It gave the card nice texture.

2. Write A Thank You Card

There are several ways to say thank you.  We say thank you to share our appreciation for something. I attended a card making workshop at Scrapbooks Galore & More ; which was a lot of fun!  The presenter gave the instructions in two different ways: visual pictures, and written instruction.  I did not use the written instructions.  Rather, I went straight for the visual pictures.  However, the two ladies next to me used the written instructions.  It was nice to spend a couple of hours creating my own cards with the materials provided.  I might just go ago and bring my daughter next time.  I already gave my mother-in-law one of the cards because she is just awesome! I included a short video to watch with the examples of the cards.  Enjoy!

3. Read A Card Making Book

There are several different books relating to card making.  Stop by your local library and find one that suits your interests.  Post a comment if you find one that you really like.

-Mrs. Berry


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