104 Days of Summer Vacation: Cool Down

With it being so hot, there are ways to keep cool during this latest heat wave.  I do not like the heat; in fact I love the bitter freezing cold weather.  I’m originally from Minnesota and several months out of the year it’s cold there.  Ok, it gets to be very cold there.  I find the perfect temperature is 70 degrees, anything over that is hot to me.  I try to find ways to stay cool when the thermometer is climbing.

My Dad Underwater

1. Go Swimming

Taking a cue from Goldie Locks, I find that I like the pool temperature to be not to hot or cold but just right.  When you go swimming take care to observe safety rules and swim with a buddy especially when there are a lot of people.  If you are swimming in a lake with zebra mussels, wear aqua socks, because they will slice your skin.  Have fun while being safe.

Screenshot from Facebook

2. Eat Ice Cream

This one is a personal favorite of mine.  I like to visit ice cream shops. I like the ice cream called “Dog Puke.”  There is always the Ice Cream Man.  When I was little, I would chase the truck.  I just love that sound even as an adult.  It is a Pavlov response.  Unless you have the unfortunate event of following this truck.  This image is from a Facebook post.

3. Wear A Wet Bandana

Find a bandana that has cooling gel in it.  Add cool water and wear around your neck or head.

4. Visit A Spray Park

Make sure you wear lots of sun screen as your run through the sprays.  Bring your camera for lots of fun shots.

5. Run Through A Sprinkler

This is one of my personal favorites.  When my brothers and I were little, my parents would turn on the water sprinkler and we would run through them.  I must admit, I still enjoy a good sprinkle on a hot day.

6. Have A Water Fight

This one is fun and you get to be a bit sneaky, my personal favorite spot is at the hose or with a really big bucket of water.  If you do use balloons, please make sure that you pick up all of the pieces.  If you squirt guns, make sure yours is the biggest unless you want to get wet.

7. Stay In The Shade And Read

Find a nice tall tree and sit in the shade while reading the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  This is a nice book about a tree that plays with a boy and gives everything for him.

8. Stay Hydrogenated

Drink lots and lots of nice cool H20 aka water.  It is important to keep your fluid levels up because your body will sweat your fluids out to stay cool.

9. Go To An Air-condition Building

When I was pregnant I lived in an apartment with no air conditioning, and the landlord wouldn’t turn the heat off in the middle of the summer (I don’t live there anymore). During one of those really hot days, I would go shopping very very slowly at the grocery store.  Another option is to go see a movie.  I like this one because it’s a nice way to cool down and to see a movie.

10. Take A Warm Shower

I know that this seems crazy but it works.  Do this before bed and you will sleep cooler than before.

11. Create A Watercolor Painting

Find something that inspires you and put your brush to paper and create a water master piece.

Stay Cool!

-Mrs. Berry


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