104 Days of Summer Vacation: Series

Recycled Flower Series by Christy Berry

For the last two years or so I have had four frames sitting in my basement that I picked up from a garage sale.  I have been stewing about what to paint on them.  I decided to paint different flowers on them in a series.  For this series, I wanted my pictures to be similar in style, theme, and size. I call this series Recycled Flower because there are imperfections in the frame and background board.  This project took several weeks to find flowers and paint.  I search out days that were sunny for shadows and highlights and the perfect flowers for the series.  I would photograph them, draw them out, and then paint them.

Lake Flower by Christy Berry

1. Paint A Rhododendron Flower

My first flower was from the “Lake House.”  The flower was from a huge rhododendron plant.  The sun was creating wonderful shadows on the flowers.  Since, this was the first flower; it set the tone for the rest.  I took several photographs of the flower to paint later.  The painting took around 10 hours start to finish over a couple of days.  I call this one Lake Flower.

Yellow Rose by Christy Berry

2. Paint A Yellow Rose

My next painting was from the Dow Gardens.  I wanted a rose and found several in the Rose Garden.  I took several different photographs trying to determine which one I would like to use.  I finally saw it, it was the tallest rose standing out by itself.  The day was sunny, so there were shadows that would match in the series.  Again, the painting took another 10 hours start to finish over a couple of days.  I call this one Yellow Rose.




Summer Daisy by Christy Berry

3. Paint A Summer Daisy

Now that I had two flowers in the series, I now needed two more.  I sent out a message for ideas. I settled on a daisy next.  I found this daisy at the Dow Gardens in the Children’s Garden while it was sunny.  I took several different shots of the daisies and I really like the shot from below looking up on the underside.  This was a different perspective from the first two paintings.  I tried a light blue background, but when I looked at the first two I changed the background to a dark blue.  This painting also took 10 hours start to finish over a couple of days.  I like the high contrast that I added to the painting.  I call this one Summer Daisy.

"Center of Interest" painting by Christy Berry

4. Paint A Center Of Interest Iris

I knew that I wanted a blue flower for the last painting.  The problem was finding one.  I found some very small ones and some that were in bunches.  I wanted a single flower for the last one.  Again, I returned to the Rose Garden in search of a blue flower.  I was on my way out and home when I saw a triangle iris.  I took several photographs of it, and then I continued on and saw it.  The iris was blue and the shapes were perfect for the last painting.  The day was sunny, so again to goes along with series of shadows and highlights on the flowers.  This painting also took 10 hours over several days.  I call this painting Center of Interest.

5. Photograph Your Progress

Along the way I took photographs and videos of my progress with the flowers.  I have put the compilation into an Animoto video.  I hope you like watching the progression.  The Recycled Flowers series is for sale.  They are ready to hang.  Best part about buying recycled frames is that they came with wire on the back.

I would appreciate feedback or comments that you have.  I would also like to see any series that you create.


-Mrs. Berry


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathryn
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 20:59:12

    I can only admire in awe. I am not an artist so can’t show you mine! They are all wonderful, i was going to pick out a favourite but like them all, possibly the daisy would be because like the angle of looking at it.
    My niece paints for a living. She does hers on canvas that stretches on a frame. I have a number of hers in my house. I like to support her. She also photographs her art and puts it on blocks/cards etc to sell at fairs.
    It must be good to be on holiday and be able to spend that time on something you love doing.


  2. berryart
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 21:03:23


    Thanks! I am enjoying spending times with my girls and trying to figure out 104 things to do this summer. Does your niece have a website with her work?

    -Mrs. Berry


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  4. Kathryn
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 17:06:56

    Here is the website of my niece. She did have one, then let it go and has just started up this one. I have been nagging her about it!
    Sonia Savage


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