30 Day PLN Challenge #5: Using Blogs as Part of Your PLN

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I have been blogging for the last 11 months or so and I find that blogging is a whole lot of fun!  The reason why I started to blog was because it was a requirement for one of my graduate classes.  Well, I have found that this is a format that I rather like.  The reason why to blog is personal: I like to share ideas.  Another reason why I like to write blogs is due to the nature of a blog.  I have been keeping a personal journal for roughly 23 years, every day.  I have a lot of journals.  Some days are longer than others, and some include sketches. So blogging comes natural.

Top Ten Things That I Like About Blogging

  1. Sharing
  2. Having a PLN to bounce ideas off
  3. Your PLN or random strangers can comment
  4. The format of the blog can be what you want it
  5. I can include videos
  6. I can include photos
  7. This is a spot where I can connect with parents/community
  8. I can find cool lesson plan ideas from other teachers in my PLN
  9. You don’t need a degree in journalism to write a blog, it’s for everybody
  10. Other bloggers will help you

Things That I Wish I Would Have Known Before Blogging

  1. When you give your blog a name, make sure it’s a good one.  Kind of hard to change later.
  2. Read a few blogs from different companies.  WordPress is nice but doesn’t let you add certain things for free like cool widgets.  Several 2.0 Web tools don’t embed into WordPress.
  3. Try out different free versions of blogging sites before finding the one that you like best.
  4. Defiantly try Kick Start your Blogging from Edublogs.  I found this to be extremely helpful and fun.
  5. Remember, if you type it the world can see it.  So keep in mind who is your intended and not intended audience; both can see what you write or post. (I actually knew this one before blogging.)
  6. Add tags, they help people find your wonderful post.
  7. Blogging is not just for company or teachers it could be for anybody.

Things That I Do Before I Post

  1. Use a Word document to type out my thoughts first and save the draft (power could go out, or the Internet decides not work when you go to hit post).
  2. Find some sort of visual to go with my post.  I have my blog post an update in Facebook and the program grabs the first picture or visual for your post.  Your image also shows up in Google image searches.
  3. Reread what you wrote.  This works most of the time for me; however, a few spelling grammar or spelling mistakes get by me.
  4. Create a post that is relevant to my blog’s theme.  Mine is blending reading and art together.   Keep reading for my connection below.

Blogs could be used in a classroom where students read each other’s blogs and comment back.  Students could develop their own PLN where they learn together and how to use the web tools.

Parents could also create their own blog and be involved with what their children are creating and saying online.

Go Forth & Post!

-Mrs. Berry


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathryn
    Jul 09, 2011 @ 17:31:48

    Great post. I agree with you about writing in word first! I made my students do that before I made myself do it! I find it so much easier to format it in word.

    A blog is a journal and it is good to get others comments. as you say you just have to keep in mind that anyone may read it, not just you intended audience!


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