104 Days of Summer Vacation: Donations

Tabitha donates her locks

My daughter needed a haircut and she wanted to donate her hair.  I thought what I great idea.  That had me thinking that of other simple way donate towards others.

1. Ronald McDonald House

After getting your happy meal or that big Frappe Mocha take the change and drop it in the change box for the Ronald McDonald House.

2. Good Will

While cleaning out your closet take the extra clothing and stuff animals to Good Will.  By donating your clothing you are helping out others and helping by not filling the landfills with perfectly good clothing.  You can also receive receipts for tax donations.

Screen Shot of Locks Of Love

3. Locks of Love

When it’s hot and sticky and you need a new haircut, consider going just a bit shorter to donate the hair to Locks of Love.  Locks of Love will take your pony tail hair and create a new hair piece for disadvantage children who have lost their hair.  The only cost to you is a stamp.


  • Grow 10 inches of hair
  • Have somebody divide your hair into ponytails and put a rubber band around the hair
  • Cut just above the rubber band
  • Print off the donation form
  • Address the envelope
  • Put your hair and the donation from in an envelope and mail your locks.

Click here is the link for Locks of Love.

4. Other Local Organizations

There are other places that are always looking for donations to help the local community.  Look for them next time you out and about.  When you donate locally, you are helping out your community.

5. Donors Choose

Teachers have put together a project and they are looking for donations.  The teachers and donors are anonymous. You can help out teachers and their classroom, and the best part is that you get to pick out what project you want to donate towards.  My personal favorite is Family Art and Literacy Bags by Mrs. B.  Hmm, I wonder who this is? It a really cool project where art and books are sent home to families so that they can read and create art together and then bring back the created artwork and books.  Then the next student takes it home for a week.

Happy Donating!

-Mrs. Berry


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