104 Days of Summer Vacation: Painting (Adult fun)

Farmer Joe by Christy Berry

As part of the 104 Days of Summer Vacation series I found that I need some fun too on my vacation.  I have been creating a few paintings these last couple of weeks.  I found myself in a spot with an empty canvas and paint but no idea.  I needed some inspiration and found it when I wasn’t looking.

1. Painting from Inspiration

Material List

My latest inspiration came from walking through the Children’s Garden under the grape vine arch way.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I wanted to capture the view in paint like the impressionist did in their time.  Thank goodness for cameras because I was also following my two children around the garden that day.

Later that night, when the children were asleep, I pull out a canvas and pick my colors.  I fill my water bucket (an ice cream bucket) and put the paint on the lid.  Yep, it’s cheap and it works really well.  I take out my pencil and I sketch out the layout.  It’s not a perfect match to the photograph; however, I wanted to paint what I also saw from a different perspective. I disappear into the task of painting and before I know it, it is three hours later.

It is a few days before I am able to get back to painting.  I take my children back the gardens for another activity and I walk by the spot and surprised to see how much the grape leaves have moved and grown.  I also check out the color of the corn house.  It is more brown than red.  That’s something that I change.

That afternoon during nap time, I pick up my brush again and start to get lost in the details and leaves.  I leave the painting on the easel when the little one starts to make a fuss and I head up stairs.  To my surprise two hours have passed by.

Each time I pass by the easel to do a load of laundry; the painting tugs at me like my children tug on my shirt.  I am just itching to get back into the painting.  It is a few days since the last time I worked on the leaves.  Each leaf takes on its own personality and color.  The colors start working with each other.  Something that I did not use this time is a cloth to wipe away the extra water for the rinsing.  This added to the time but for this painting it worked because the paint started to dry out while it was sitting on the palette.

I finished the painting today.  I like how the vines are intertwined with the frame within the painting of Famer Joe.  Before I finished, I turned the painting upside down to see if there was anything was missing.  Yep, there was something; it was a small detail that went unnoticed right-side up.  I fixed the missing part and then took the painting outside to see what it looked like in the sunlight.  This painting took a week to create and now I am sad that the painting is done.  I will just need to make a new one.

2. Create a video of your painting

While painting, I took photographs periodically. I also filmed me painting.  This is a trick because, I am holding onto the pallet in my lap, camera in one hand, and the brush in the other.  I try not to look through the camera and focus on the painting part of the leaf.  After the painting was completed, I took several completed shots and picked the best one to feature in my movie.  I then used the Animoto website to put together the short video.  I added music and then let the site do its wonders.  The music fits the image.  there is word farmer in the song.  How perfect is that?  I have attached my video to this blog for your enjoyment.

Remember, it’s not how your painting looks in the end; it is how much fun you had while creating your painting or video.  If you make a painting or video, send me the link; I would like to see what other people are creating.

-Mrs. Berry

P.S.  Students/children could also paint using the same process.  For my daughter, (8 years) time is a lot shorter (an hour to two for the whole painting).


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