104 Days of Summer Vaction: Fairies

My daughter just loves fairies.  So the next ideas will be about fairies.

1. Read fairy books together.

My daughter and I visited our local library and checked up fairy books.  We are reading the Disney Fairies version.  Every night for about an hour we sit down and read and look at the pictures.  The series is written by Gail Carson Levine and illustrated by David Christiana.  The first book in the series is Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg.  The next is Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand and finally, the last book is Fairies and the Quest for Never Land.

Image from Amazon.com

Image from: Grace Dow Library

Image from the Grace Dow Library








A fairy we made

2. Make your own fairies.

We found a picture on the web of Tinkerbell and copied the image onto cardboard by tracing the drawing while pressing into the cardboard.  Then I retraced the indents.  (This is a fast way to get an accurate representation of Tinkerbell).  I cut it out. (this proved to be a bit difficult) Next, we painted Tinkerbell using acrylic paint.  Finally, my daughter cut out the drawing and traced around it onto felt.  I helped cut out the felt piece.  She glued it to the cardboard cutout.  Click here to print a fairy certificate.

3. Make animal friends for the fairies to play with each other.

We chose to use Model Magic from Crayola.  We tried the directions with the kit.  That didn’t work out so well, so we tried plan B.  Plan B worked out really well and we were able to make several more than the directions because we made them a little smaller.  Watch the video below to see the friends that we made.

Fairy House

4. Make a fairy house.

Important things to note about Fairy house.  Only use materials that have been found and not picked. Find sticks, bark, small rocks, flowers that have fallen off.  Fairies are careful not to harm.


5. Attend or host a fairy party.

Dress up like a fairy and make fairy house.  We attended a fairy party every summer at our local gardens.

6. Write your own fairy story.

7. Create your own toadstools using air dry clay.

8. Create a digital fairy online at Pixie Hallow.

Each account can create 3 fairies.  Your child will need your email address.  Disney sends you an email letting you know that your child created a free account.  There is the free version (less things you can do) and then the membership version.  The free version is a lot of fun but you can’t buy any clothing.  Don’t forget to let your children play too.

9. Create a fairy meal.

These printables can be found under the parents section from Disney.

10. Act out a script from Disney.

You will need two to four fairy friends to act out this little play.

Fly with you!

-Mrs. Berry


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