104 Days of Summer Vacation Ideas: Fish

This post is just the first in a series of 104 Days of Summer Vacation Ideas. I just love Phineas and Ferb and their idea of doing/creating stuff for the summer. Watch the title sequence to hear the song.

I thought why not make a list of different thing to do this summer.  I am going to break down the 104 Days into a series of posts.  Here is my Fish list of things to do this summer.


1. Play the game Go Fish: All you need are 2-4 players and a deck of playing cards.

2. Listen to the song/watch the video “Fish Heads.”  This is an old song from 1978 from Barnes and Barnes.  Some of my middle school students ask me if I knew the song.  They were shocked when I sang the whole song.  I have attached the video for your listening pleasure.  It’s a bit on the bizarre side but fun.

Image from Grace Dow Library

3.  Make a fish kite.  I use this lesson with my second grade students.  Here is the skinny on this lesson.  Read the story: A Carp for Kimiko by Virgina Kroll.Next, explain how Japan was the first to create Kites, show examples.  Have students either draw a fish body on a 9 x 12″ construction paper or have a premade one drawn.  Make it large.  Have the students color the fish/cut it out.  Add tissue paper for the tail.  I have 12″ x 1″ color strips for the tail.  Attach with tape or glue.  Attach a long string for the student to the front.  I find taping easier than tying a knot after hole punching.  Finally, take students outside to fly the kite.  This is usually a two day lesson.

4.  Read a book about fishing.  Pick one of your favorites.

5.  Create a map of where you want to go fishing.  Draw a map of the lake or river.  You can make it as creative as you want.  Add extras around the map.

6. Go fishing with your Grandpa or somebody that will take off your fish: Spend hours and hours out in the sun or rain and catch a variety of fish.  Don’t forget your sunblock.  My personal favorites are called Sunnies.  If you are not from Minnesota you might call them Blue Gill.  To catch a sunny find a spot that has a 15 foot to 30 foot drop off.  Sunnies bite at almost anything.  I have used a Cheetos before.  My grandpa couldn’t believe that it worked and tried it too.  The little ones like popcorn.  Check your state’s rules for limits and size restrictions.

7. Make a fish print (Gyotaku) from the fish you caught.  For my younger students I use rubber fish.  These are a whole lot less stinky and messy.   This lesson is a little gem with any age student.  I use tempera paint with my younger students and not ink.  This cleans up pretty easy and so do the students.  I have the students paint the fish, transfer to a piece of paper and then rub. Here is a neat little video about fish printing.  With younger students theirs are not as complicated but the idea is the same.

8. Read a recipe for a fish meal.

9. Cook and eat the fish. I like to take a fish fillet and dip it in a mixed egg.  I then dip it in a flour mixture (flour, salt, pepper) and then cook until it’s flakes.  I like to eat my fish for breakfast.  Yum!

10. Write about your fishing adventure in your journal.

Please enjoy these ten ideas to start your 104 days of summer vacation.

-Mrs. Berry


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