A Little Bird Told Me

I tried a free teacher challenge tool from Edublogs.  The website is Little Bird Tales.  I rather like this little program.  What a neat way to record your own voice or your student’s voice.  The drawing tool takes a bit of getting used to.  While I was recording, I needed to start over a couple of times.  It is important to eliminate as much background noise as possible. Click here to hear my little bird tale called Color Dance or the image below.

When creating a story line explain to the students that they need a cover, a beginning, middle, and some sort of ending.  There is a short little video explaining the process for using the tool.  Click here to watch it.

I have listed tweet tweets (pros) and squawks (cons) for using this free web tool

Tweet Tweets

  • You can upload your own images.
  • After uploading your own images you can draw on top of them.  (Really neat feature)
  • This program can be used by students or parents.
  • There is an undo button (the red arrow) if you make an opps.
  • You can record your voice or sound effects that you make.
  • The process is simple and user friendly for children.
  • Did I mention it’s FREE!
  • Your tale can be public or private depending on your preference. If you do choose public it needs to be approved first.


  • It takes a while to load images or to save.
  • Only four lines will appear for the story even if you have more to say.
  • You can’t move objects around, only undo them if you don’t like it.
  • Painting tools are basic.
  • The images are static and don’t move.

If you have more than one day a nifty way to teach a concept would be to use Little Bird Tales.  Ways to use this in the classroom:

Language Arts:

  • Have students write out their story and then create their own pictures for it.
  • Have students write out their own story and then illustrate a picture online.


  • Have students use this for explaining a scientific process.  For example: how a plant grows.


  • Have a mathematical concept.  Older grade students could make one and then share this with a younger grade student.

Social Studies:

  • Have students create a time line of events for a particular moment in history

Visual Arts:

  • Have students make a story about mixing colors.  Refer back to my example.
  • Enjoy creating your own little bird tale.

If you have any more ideas please comment and share your ideas.

-Mrs. Berry


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