When I Spy Meets ABC

Image from Grace Dow Library

I found a really cute book for my ABC kindergarten book collection.  The book is called A My Name Is… by Alice Lyne and illustrated by Lynne Cravath.  This ABC book seems simple at first with rhyming words but when you look closer at the pictures there are all sorts of hidden images that starts with those letters.  At the end of the book there is a list for you find on each page.

While reading the book I was thinking whether or not to include book into my collection.  I was hooked when I read the M page.

Here is a marvelous example from the book.

“My name is Maya,

My best friend’s name is Mickey,

We live in Minneapolis,

And we sell martians.

I was hooked with the word “Minneapolis.”  It’s kind of my state, don’t ya know. So of course this book is going into my collection.  There are other reasons like the nifty I Spy aspect and how there is much more to look at when you go back and try to find everything.  The objects are also not irritating impossible to find.  This book is a great to help build vocabulary with kindergarten students.

 Possible Activities to accompany this book

  • Jumping rope while saying the rhyme
  • Creating an ABC page (I haven’t figured out which page to put this with in my project).
  • Having students go home and look for as many objects that start with a particular letter in their home. (parents would need to help write down the objects)
  • Students could create their own alliterations.  Here is a link to worksheet that Read Write Think.org.  The categories are: Names, Places, Animals, and Food/Items.

There is a slight problem with this book.  It’s not available on Amazon; however, you can purchase it from a seller.  The ISBN number is 1-879085-40-2.  I picked mine up at the local library and that one is FREE!

Overall is a cute book not only for the images but for the text as well.  Enjoy checking this book out over the summer for your kindergarten to second grade students.

-Mrs. Berry


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