Invading Dragons

3rd Grade Dragon Lesson Plan on Prezi by Christy Berry

It’s that time of year again when 3rd Dragons invade my classroom.   I have used this lesson for the last five years and every year the dragons turn out really neat.  I must say this is a borrowed idea from another art teacher from Michigan.  I picked up this lesson at a three day conference about six or seven years ago.  She was a high school teacher who gave her students a choice between warm and cool colors.  I have adjusted this lesson to fit with the third grade students and I picked cool colors for them.  This is a very complex lesson at a third grade level.  The more you add the cooler the dragon becomes.  Several days are involved.  My favorite part is the last day where we dance with our dragons.  Here is my recipe for 3rd Grade Dragons.

Ingredients for a Dragon Lesson Plan

  • One part art: Elements of Art and Principles of Design
  • One part math: balance, pattern, shapes
  • One part dance: high, medium, low
  • One part reading: A China Alphabet
  • One part writing: artist statement

Prep work: 3 hours of cutting premade triangles and parts for 75 students (little triangles are cut from squares by students).Combine all parts over several days.  Review symmetrical balance and pattern examples at every class.  Add straws. Once you put the straws or stick on beware: your room will be invaded by dragons.

For further details and images please visit my Prezi called 3rd Grade Dragons.


Mrs. Berry


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