A Fairy Tale of Personal Reading Interests

A Fairy Tale of Personal Reading Interests

by Mrs. Berry

Once upon a time there was a little girl who liked to read.  This is where our story takes a nasty turn. When she was older she didn’t like to read so much in high school.  They told her what to read and analyzed the joy out of reading.  Don’t despair for our story has hope. When in college, the girl took a Japanese literature class where she discovered a new style where there were not always happy endings or even endings.  This intrigued the girl and she started to read some more.  She met a boy who also loved to read and soon they were married.  They filled their bookshelves with many books.  They had a baby girl and they read to her every day.  One day they went to the local library during the summer and discovered their summer reading program.  The girl was excited because they had an adult version.  She read so many books that summer for herself.  She loved how the words escaped their pages and played in her imagination.  The family read happily ever after to this day.

The End …. or is it the beginning?

-Mrs. Berry


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