Before and After the Spring Cleaning in the Middle of Winter

I was doing a bit of spring cleaning, rather a bit of winter cleaning and made a few changes to my about page.  I took out a few sentences that didn’t seem to make sense and changed a spelling mistake.  When students are first building their blog they might include everything under the sun, or not enough.  So here are some tip and possible things to include:

Tips for students writing an About Me page

  • Include a sketched picture or avatar of themselves that is G rated
  • Include just enough of information about themselves to keep readers interested
  • Stay away from TMI (Too Much Information)
  • Only use information they want the rest of the world to know
  • Use creativity or write the page in a unique way

Possible things to include in the blog

  • Why they are writing the blog
  • Goals
  • Hobbies
  • Family

As always, if a student is creating a blog for a class, obtain parent permission first and encourage parents or guardians to frequently look at their son or daughter’s blog.

-Mrs. Berry


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marsha Ratzel
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 17:57:09

    Thanks for your ideas….I really like the idea of students using a sketch they’ve drawn or an avatar. That relieves the whole dilemma of student privacy plus it could be fun for them to create something that represents who they are.

    I also like the idea of writing the page from a different perspective. Have you seen any examples of this? I think it would be terrific if we could assemble a set of sample pages where students have successfully taken this writing approach because it would give my kids a clearer idea of what to do.

    Thanks again and I’m looking forward to reading more of your ideas.



  2. berryart
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 19:40:04


    Thanks! I have not seen an examples of writing an About Me page in a creative way. I am relatively new to the blogging world; however, if I do see some I will post the connection.

    -Mrs. Berry


  3. Kay McGriff
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 21:29:55

    I like your list of ideas and guidelines for students writing an about me page. I haven’t done this with my students. We’ve just started in with blogging posts. I wonder if they would take more ownership in their blogs if we took the time to develop an about me page one day.


  4. murcha
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 22:06:27

    Mrs Berry, your ideas are really good. I have added a section to the google doc on “About Me” for student blogs. Are you able to add your ideas on there to share please? Pages in Blogs Don’t forget to add this post back to a comment on the Kick Start Activity 3 Challenge Page Thanks for sharing and talking about your spring clean plus tips for students.


  5. Britt Gow
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 23:37:02

    I liked both your teacher challenge posts Mrs Berry (My first teacher was a wonderful Mrs Berry!) as they demonstrate a very creative and individual approach to blogging. One of the most creative pages I have seen is Kirby’s “About Moi”. I think students might like the way Kirby has gone about this page.


  6. murcha
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 11:37:55

    Great suggestions for student blogs. Have you actually done this with your students? I like the positive approach to content rather than “Don’t ….”


    • berryart
      Jan 18, 2011 @ 11:54:24

      Thanks Murcha,

      I haven’t tried this with students yet. The postive approach comes from a lesson I learned in my undergraduate classes. It’s called the Dead Man Test. If a dead man can do what you just said, it’s not a good direction; however, if a a dead man can’t do the test then it’s a good direction. For example: if you tell a dead man to not read, he can do that. So this is not good. If you tell a dead man to read slowly, he can’t do that. So this is good direction.

      -Mrs. Berry


  7. mrssarno
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 14:58:20

    I really like a lot about your blog. I have to add a jigzone link and do wordles and more cool things on my blog. I love the Dead Man Test! It is funny! I hope I can remember it!


  8. Kathryn
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 18:57:20

    Mrs Berry
    Firstly I love your humour, in your About Me page, especially the dental allusion. I have also enjoyed the comments here, proof that the commenting aspect of blogging is important as well.


  9. MrDCarson
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 02:00:50

    I like the TMI tip for students. Students often share to much personal info, or not relevant info. If its ok with you I may quote you in my classroom in the upcoming week and add TMI to our classroom lingo!


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