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An interview with my blog.

Let’s begin with a couple of simple questions.

1.       When were you born?

Well, that’s an easy answer.  If you look in my archives you can see that I was born in August of 2010.

2.      What is your purpose?

Hmm, well, at first I was to fulfill a requirement for a graduate class and then I became more of a way to communicate with other teachers and parents about reading.  I am still in the developmental stages.

3.       Why are you participating in the 30 Day Challenge?

I suppose the reason is to develop a few more skills and build a bulk of knowledge for my readers.

4.       Where do you see yourself in 30 days.

I hope that I will be a little bit bigger and have had many ideas added to my archives.

5.       What is something that you would like to tell everybody?

Tough questions… I think that I would like to tell everyone that you need to be careful with what you put out in the World Wide Web.

6.       Where do you find your inspiration for posts?

Usually, from others…I find reading different websites interesting and then I post my connection thoughts.

7.     I read recently that you wanted to start an anti-grammar club.  What is that all about?

Well, spelling and grammar has always been a challenge for me.  I keep trying and persevering with tough words or sentence structure.  I find that many years of journal keeping have helped develop skills.  I am a little concerned that my existence exposes my challenges and I ask that those who read are understanding.

8.     If you were a flower what kind of flower would you be?

What kind of question is that?  Well, if I had to answer I would say that I am a small sunflower at the beginning of summer.  I have lots of growing to do.

9.       What is one thing that you would like to learn about?

I am not sure because I do not have a knowledge base yet.

10.    What do you wonder about?

Well, I think I would like to know how many people will read my blog.  Sometimes, I am lonely, and I just want to be clicked on.

Thank you for your time.


This interview is an example of how you can have students take an object and use the process of asking and answering questions.

-Possible activities with this type of questioning

  • -Have students interview a character in a book
  • -Have students interview a place in a book
  • -Have students interview a conflict or parts of a story


-Mrs. Berry


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Janelle Wilson
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 13:48:12

    Great post for the challenge. I love how you took the idea and applied it to ways to use in the classroom.


  2. Denise Krebs
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 16:43:06

    Mrs. Berry,
    I thought your interview was very wonderful, sensitive, and endearing. It sounds like your blog has some similarities to mine, although I think yours is sweeter. My blog didn’t know what it was getting into when it started, and has gotten quite disorganized–a place for all kinds of random posts. One thing we have in common is the desire to just be clicked on. I enjoyed reading your posts, and I’m looking forward to the blogging challenges in the future, so I can read more fledgling blogs like ours.


  3. Kathryn
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 19:49:58

    Mrs Berry
    Here I am again. Yes I too like your ideas that you have immediately applied it to students. I am beginning to think I had better track these ideas a little more systematically. The back of my head may not be good enough!
    Do you know I am not that into grammar. I guess I should be after 35 years teaching. However I found it a bit boring at school. Now I am studying it a little more and actually I am beginning to get more interested.


  4. Kevin Hodgson
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 00:51:59

    An Anti-Grammar Club, eh? Like the sound of that. Just writing without restrictions. I suppose ee cummings could be as charter member.


  5. dee
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 19:58:51

    I”m so glad you got Wordle to work!!! It looks fantastic. Good to see how you included the words you thought were important!!


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