Interactive Reading Comprehension Websites for Middle School Students

I was working on assignment for my class and found across these two nifty websites that I will be using in my class later on this year.  These are from Read, Write, Think

I found this interactive website about acrostic poems. Click here to go to it.

At first when I typed in my poem there was a weird noise, I thought somebody was talking until I figured it was just the button.  I found that the graphics were not geared toward a particular age.  This is set up works for middle schools students because it not an elementary website with cute graphics.  I liked how the website had the students brainstorm words that went with the theme first because this helps the students focus on words that belong with the theme word.  There was also a point where you arrow over the word, hints appear.  This is also helpful for students who get stuck and need a little help.  The words that the student brainstormed also appear on the right to remind the student of theme words.  There are options to save the document you are working on or print it.  No software needs to be downloaded for it to work.  Students can save their work and return to it anytime.

How this relates to reading comprehension is that students need to associate words with a theme and understand the meaning of particular words.

This receives Mrs. Berry’s golden brush award.  I would recommend this site to anyone who wants to include technology and writing acrostic poems.

The second interactive website that I found was about drawing.  Click Here to go to the website.

This site requires that you download software to your computer to work.  First you are asked to title the text, and then to name your group members.  Next, you are asked what color is your printer.  If you chose black and white the drawing options are only black and white.  If you pick color then there are color choices.  There is a spot for the student to draw a picture on the left side using paint like program.  On the right side students are to give a summary of the text, an explanation of the doodle, and the significance of doodle to text. I absolutely love this idea.  First, students need to comprehend the text that they have just read.  Afterwards they need explain their doodle, same as comprehending the text. Finally, they need to make the connection between the doodle and the text.  This is a triple whammy of comprehension. The concept is wonderful; however, the draw back this particular website is that there is no option to save and work on it later.  You need to have it all done in one shot.  This could be a problem if there is a time limit or students need more time.

This site receives Mrs. Berry’s silver brush award.  I would recommend this site to anyone that didn’t have a time limit for their students.

 -Christy Berry


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  1. Gia Johansen
    Nov 01, 2013 @ 14:09:28

    Another good reading comprehension web site is – a site for K-5 readers.


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