Texture Poem

Today, I introduced the acrostic poem to my second grade students.  I showed them how any word could be used.  We looked at our scarecrow picture that had texture and then wrote a poem about it.  I had the students help with coming up with ideas. I told them that they could borrow some of my words on the board but not copy down all the ideas.   I also had my students write 1st draft on the board and I explained to them that 1st draft means it’s ok to make mistakes and to try their best. X was particularly sticky. While wanting an x word, I realized that I did not have a dictionary in my classroom.  GASP!  I forgot to bring it back to the classroom from over the summer.  Sure, I have an art dictionary but not a regular dictionary.  Ooops. Here is my poem from today.

Texture by Mrs. Berry

  • Texture is
  • Exciting
  • X-ray vision
  • together
  • under the
  • raining crows
  • exploring the cornfield

What I was so excited about is all the neat ideas my students came up with for their poems.  Earlier we had created texture with painting a background and then taking the other side of the brush and drawing in the paint before it dried.  Next we made clothing out of fabric samples (more recycling).  We made a pumpkin head and a crow to sit on his shoulder.  We added corn by drawing it in, and we put the straw for the arms and hands.  One student made a mustache with the straw.  These scarecrows are adorable! We should be finishing them up next week, along with the final poem.


Mrs. Berry


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