Pop Art with Sixth Grade Students

My students today finished up their pop art pictures and they look impressive.  Tomorrow is a quiz for them.  I learned this lesson from a workshop at MSU. 

  • I took pictures of the students. 
  • They put their picture in Microsoft Publisher and make the size a full page.
  • Next, they then take their picture turn it to gray scale.
  • Next, they make their picture high contrast, so there is a gray, white, and black. Three Areas (Idea is to make it like Andy Warhol’s Monroe).
  • We then print off two pictures (card stock works best) but I use copy paper (funds available).
  • Next, students then take oil pastels (I don’t like the dust from pastels, it makes me sneeze) and color one picture cool and the other warm colors.
  • We then matt the artwork.
  • Students then give their artwork a title and write at least three sentences about their art.

Of course, before hand they study pop art, warm and cool colors, and Andy Warhol.  It’s a fun project that they student love to do.  I usually post their artwork on www.artsonia.com (a cool website for fundraising) however, the pictures are photographs of the students, so I don’t upload their pictures.  So you are just going to need to imagaine what they look like.  Warm on one side and cool on the other side.

Enjoy your day!



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