A Rose By Any Other Name

Poetry once for the poets is easily translated into your classroom.  Practical Poetry by Sara Holbrook is a great resource for sample lessons incorporating poetry and content areas.  Content areas that are focused on in this book include: language arts, math, science, and social studies.  Poetry can be another reinforcement of vocabulary concepts in your classroom.

This is an example that Holbrook gives for teaching the concept of greater than and less than. Have the students pick things that are greater than and less than themselves and make a list

Greater than                             Less Than

a sparrow                                  an elephant

my toothbrush                        the gymnasium

this stapler                                 a tank

Next have students substitute the signs.

I’m > than a sparrow, but < an elephant

I’m > my toothbrush, but < the gymnasium

I’m> this stapler, but < a tank

Have students then read their poems to one another.

For more samples of Holbrook book Practical Poetry click here:  Holbrook also gives suggestions for the process of writing a poem. Before writing the poem have students look at the list.  During, and after have students assess their poetry with the following list:

  • Do I have one point of view?
  • Have I narrowed the focus?
  • Have I defined all my opinion words?
  • Have I doubled check the basics?
  • Have I worked to get the trite out?
  • Have I practiced cutting our excess words?
  • Have I read the poem aloud to see if it flows and makes sense?
  • Does the poem contain any fake rhymes?
  • Have I used action verbs to clarify images?
  • Was I consistent to the pattern I chose?
  • Did I maintain a clear and consistent image?
  • Have I shared my poem with another person?
  • Once students have finished have students and teacher assess the poem on vocabulary for content and form of the poem.

Enjoy watching your students become the next Edgar Allen Poe

 -Mrs. Berry


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